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2014 Peterbilt 386





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Cummins ISX15
Manual 10-Speed
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2013 Peterbilt 386 Mid Roof Sleeper, Double bunk, 450HP Cummins ISX15-ST motor, 10 speed Easton Fuller Transmission, APU, Diff Lock, A/C, Power Windows, Fridge, GVWR 53,200 13200 front 40,000 rears, Chassis WT 17288. full screw, 3.36 Gear Ratio, Lower leaf suspension Well maintained from large fleet, DOT ready! Financing available!!! Transmission Model: FRO16210C Serial: K1003786 Engine Model: CumminsISX15 Serial: 79679340 Steer Axle:E1322I Rear: DSP40, RSP40 Kenworth C510, Kenworth C550, Kenworth K123, Kenworth T270, Kenworth T300, Kenworth T330, Kenworth T359, Kenworth T370, Kenworth T404, Kenworth T440, Kenworth T470, Kenworth T600, Kenworth T600A, Kenworth T660, Kenworth T800, Kenworth T800B, Kenworth T800W, Kenworth T880, Kenworth W900, Kenworth W900A, Kenworth W900B, Kenworth W900L, Kenworth W900S, Kenworth W923, Peterbilt 300, Peterbilt 330, Peterbilt 335, Peterbilt 337, Peterbilt 340, Peterbilt 348, Peterbilt 357, Peterbilt 357SB, Peterbilt 358, Peterbilt 359, Peterbilt 359A, Peterbilt 359EXHD, Peterbilt 359S, Peterbilt 365, Peterbilt 367, Peterbilt 375, Peterbilt 377, Peterbilt 378, Peterbilt 378SB, Peterbilt 379, Peterbilt 379EXHD, Peterbilt 382, Peterbilt 384, Peterbilt 385, Peterbilt 386, Peterbilt 388, Peterbilt 389, Peterbilt 567, Peterbilt 579, Peterbilt 587, Volvo ACL64, Volvo ACL64B, Volvo ACL64BT, Volvo F12, Volvo FH500, Volvo FL626, Volvo FM7, Volvo FM9, Volvo FM12, Volvo FM380, Volvo FM440, Volvo FM480, Volvo FMX460, Volvo N1225, Volvo NH12, Volvo VHD42B200, Volvo VHD62B200, Volvo VHD62F200, Volvo VHD64B200, Volvo VHD64BT430, Volvo VHD64F200, Volvo VHD64FT200, Volvo VHD84B200, Volvo VHD84F200, Volvo VHD86B200, Volvo VHD104B200, Volvo VHD124F200, Volvo VNL64300, Volvo VNL64T300, Volvo VNL64T430, Volvo VNM42T200, Volvo VNM64T200, Volvo WCA64, Volvo WG42, Volvo WG64, Volvo WG64F, Volvo WG64T, Volvo WG64B, Volvo WIA64, Volvo WIA64T, Volvo WX42, Western Star 490, Western Star 3864S, Western Star 4700SB, Western Star 4700SF, Western Star 4764T, Western Star 4800FX, Western Star 4842, Western Star 4864F, Western Star 4900, Western Star 4900EX, Western Star 4900FA, Western Star 4900FX, Western Star 4900SA, Western Star 4900SB, Western Star 4900SF, Western Star 4964, Western Star 4964EX, Western Star 4964F, Western Star 4964FX, Western Star 4964SA, Western Star 5900, Western Star 5964S, Western Star 6900XD, Mack 600, Mack B60LS, Mack B75, Mack CH600, Mack CH612, Mack CH613, Mack CH688R, Mack CHN613, Mack CL613, Mack CL700, Mack CL713, Mack CL733, Mack CL753, Mack DM60, Mack DM237, Mack DM600, Mack DM600, Mack DM600GK, Mack DM607S, Mack DM685, Mack DM685, Mack DM685S, Mack DM685SX, Mack DM686, Mack DM686, Mack DM686S, Mack DM686SX, Mack DM688, Mack DM688, Mack DM688S, Mack DM688SX, Mack DM690, Mack DM690, Mack DM690S, Mack DM800, Mack DM809SX, Mack DMM685, Mack GRANITE, Mack GRANITE CT713, Mack GRANITE CTP713, Mack GRANITE CTP713B, Mack GRANITE CU713, Mack GRANITE CV513, Mack GRANITE CV533, Mack GRANITE CV703, Mack GRANITE CV712, Mack GRANITE CV713, Mack GRANITE GU432, Mack GRANITE GU433, Mack GRANITE GU533, Mack GRANITE GU703, Mack GRANITE GU712, Mack GRANITE GU713, Mack GRANITE GU813, Mack GRANITE GU813E, Mack METRO LINER, Mack MIDLINER, Mack MIDLINER CS200, Mack MIDLINER CS200P, Mack MIDLINER CS250P, Mack MIDLINER CS300P, Mack MIDLINER MS300, Mack MRU613, Mack PINNACLE, Mack PINNACLE CHU613, Mack PINNACLE CXP612, Mack PINNACLE CXP613, Mack PINNACLE CXU612, Mack PINNACLE CXU613, Mack R68ST, Mack R487P, Mack R600, Mack R609, Mack R685, Mack R685ST, Mack R685T, Mack R686, Mack R686, Mack R686LST, Mack R686ST, Mack R686SX , Mack R686T, Mack R688, Mack R688, Mack R688LST, Mack R688S, Mack R688ST, Mack R690, Mack R690, Mack R690S, Mack R719S, Mack R747ST, Mack RB600, Mack RB688, Mack RB688, Mack RB688S, Mack RB688SX , Mack RB690S, Mack RB690SX,Mack RD600, Mack RD600, Mack RD600GK , Mack RD668ST, Mack RD685, Mack RD685, Mack RD685S, Mack RD685ST, Mack RD686, Mack RD686 , Mack RD686LS, Mack RD686S, Mack RD686S

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